Workforce During the Pandemic

The current global economy has been greatly affected by COVID-19. In this article, Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, shares her ideas on the unique challenges facing the world’s workers. One major concern is the lack of healthcare access and paid sick leave that is offered to workers around the world. Currently, only one-fifth of the world's countries provide sick leave to their employees. Additionally, job losses are said to exceed the previous predictions of about 25 million worldwide. The majority of the world's workers are unable to stay home when they are feeling under the weather, which means that they must go to work in order to keep their jobs and make a paycheck. With that being said, if those workers are faced with the ultimatum of losing their job or going to work sick, they are more likely to get up and go to work. This presents a greater risk to the spread of COVID-19 and creates the potential for the virus to continue to overstay its welcome. Only 21% of countries are providing sick leave for the majority of their workers and those countries are polled to represent the world’s most powerful economies. In an unpredictable situation, workers are subject to unfair working conditions if their co-workers and themselves are not able to prioritize their health.

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