The world is facing a crisis like no other in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. All across the world daily life has come to a screeching halt as this virus rips across the world discrminating agaisnt no one and effecting every corner of the wrold. The global economy has shuttered, and for the first time in half a century, the worlds second biggest economy bas shrunk fter an unprecedented period of financial growth. I am talking about the origin country of COVID-19, China. On friday The chinses economy shrunk 6.9 percent which ended the period of growth that had survied the Sars epidemic, the global financial crisis, and the tianmenen square crackdown. This decrease gives a reminder on how it is going to be very hard to repair th global economy due to this virus that has no end in sight. This virus has cut the world's desires for any goods coming from China, which prevents potential roadblocks to getting their economy back on its feet as they will find it diffucult to export as much as they were before the pandemic. while China has put aside lab0r concerns in the past in order to increase the output of supplies, this virus proved deadly to these factories where it spread very quickly. The steps forward in Bejing are currently in limbo as they havent passed sweeping aid packages such as western countries have. their economy is to complicated and big now to restart like they did during the global financial crisis. One thing is for sure, economies across the blobe are going to be seeing many of the same problems china is seeing, and it will be a long time until we see the global economy back to the way it was.


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