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The RICH Economy (I know, it's my name)

The RICH Economy
by Robert Anton Wilson 
from The Illuminati Papers

If there is one proposition which currently wins the assent of nearly everybody, it is that we need more jobs. "A cure for unemployment" is promised, or earnestly sought, by every Heavy Thinker from Jimmy Carter to the Communist Party…

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The Boss

Before you click "I agree"

Think of the websites you use on a daily basis. Think of all of the Terms and Conditions that you must agree to just to do basic tasks--check your University e-mail, log onto a social network, read and share an article, use Adobe Flash software, and even to use the browser app from your phone.  Do you really know what is in those agreements? While our technology grows and changes, the laws that govern this technology sometimes lag…

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Working on the Site

Hi, everybody!

I hope everyone heard that in Dr. Nick's voice from the Simpsons. I'm making this website in conjunction with Dr. Rodriguez, and this blog is more or less just a test. I might delete it. Who knows. Welcome, though!

Richard L. Weber

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